Victor M. Uribe, M.D.

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Care-Centered Child Psychiatry in Northbrook, IL

Struggling with mental health is hard at any age, but children deal with uniquely difficult challenges. From not understanding their circumstances to adding the stress of growing up to issues like anxiety, depression, and trauma, these young patients face a tough challenge — one that can impact them for the rest of their lives. That’s why finding the right help is vital.

Victor M. Uribe, M.D., is an experienced provider of child psychiatry in Northbrook, IL. His compassionate approach to mental healthcare is friendly, holistic, and effective. He takes the time to understand what his patients are going through and work with family members to address and resolve stressors. That way, kids can focus on being kids.


Personalized Psychiatric Solutions

The key to effective treatment is treating each patient like a unique person. That’s especially true of children who need to feel heard and supported to take part in their own therapy. Dr. Uribe’s patient and welcoming approach to care guides patients through important steps to resolve mental health issues. It also leaves space for organic, self-directed conversations. By getting to know the child well, he can design the right treatment plan to meet their needs. Learn more by scheduling an appointment today to discuss how child psychiatry can help your child and your family