Victor M. Uribe, M.D.

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Family Psychiatry

When you are seeking psychiatric support for yourself or your family, choose the services offered by Dr. Victor M. Uribe, M.D. Dr. Uribe provides services for family psychiatry in Northbrook, IL, with the goal of assisting his patients when dealing with emotional or mental health issues. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of psychology, he utilizes his expertise to help others better understand their challenges as well as themselves.

Plus, he has extensive experience providing adolescent and child psychiatry which he uses to help young patients deal with the issues that can occur as they grow older. To learn more about the family psychiatry services that Dr. Uribe offers or to schedule a consultation appointment, reach out to his office.

Individualized Treatment Solutions

Dr. Uribe understands that every patient is unique and that their personal situations can differ significantly. This is why he always provides personalized counseling and treatment options for his patients. One of the ways that Dr. Uribe accomplishes this is by creating an open and inviting space allowing his patients to engage in organic, self-directed conversations. So, when you are looking for an effective psychiatric solution to assist with your emotional or mental health, rely on Dr. Uribe to provide you with the care you need.